CMJA: Ceroc AdelaideCeroc & Modern Jive Adelaide

Ceroc & Modern Jive Adelaide

Welcome to Ceroc & Modern Jive Adelaide!

Come as you are & dance to the music you love!


We are so happy you’re taking an interest in learning how to partner dance and we are looking forward to seeing you at class.


Singles & couples welcome!


What is Ceroc?

Ceroc, also known as Modern Jive, is the best partner dance style! Fun and easy to learn, you will be able to dance to a whole song after your first 45 minutes beginner class. That’s right! Because we deeply believe that EVERYONE can dance and that you already are an amazing dancer… you just don’t know it yet.

Ceroc can be danced to any song under the sun. From current pop, to hip-hop, jazz or the best tunes from the 70’, 80’, 90’, you name it and you can dance to it.

Ceroc is a relaxed partner dance that allows your imagination and creativity to thrive as we like to encourage you to explore and create new dance moves. You will be up and moving in no time and you’ll be coming back for more!

Want to give it a go? Click here for more info on our classes and prices


"Wow…Ceroc Adelaide changed my life! Their classes and instructors are top-notch. They gave me the skills and confidence to become a dancer. From the first class, I was hooked. It appears complicated, but it becomes easy once the instructor breaks it down. We learn something new and fun in challenging classes that you can use on any dancefloor. With a spacious floor and great music, I look forward to getting "the buzz" every Thursday night—highly recommended. 5 STARS. Joe" 



Our Mission:

CMJA is a company run by a couple of passionate dancers whose aim is to offer couples and singles alike, of all ages, gender, background and physical ability, the opportunity to learn partner dancing.

CMJA also aims to create and develop a friendly, caring and supportive community with a love of dancing. 

CMJA aims to make their classes approachable, relaxed, casual and interactive and for students to leave our classes with a sense of achievement, joy and connection to themselves and their fellow dance partners.

Our Vision:

CMJA’s ultimate goal is to offer their students a place where they can be themselves and experience the joy of connecting with themselves and other human beings through partner dancing.