CMJA: Ceroc AdelaideCeroc & Modern Jive Adelaide

Ceroc & Modern Jive Adelaide

Moves for 6/20/2024:

Beginner: Octopus, Manhattans, Return on the Spot, Lead Spin
Fundamentals: Lead & Follow
Variations: Basket Swaps, Free Conan, Bowlers Hat to Sit

Moves for 6/13/2024:

Beginner: Neckbreak, Aerial Yoyo, Octopus
Fundamentals: Flow
Variations: False Pretzel Roll Across, Leader Travelling Return, One Arm Drop

Moves for 6/6/2024:

Beginner: Wurlitzer Roll across, Lead Walkunder, Aerial Yoyo
Fundamentals: Posture
Variations: Snap Sway, Russian Sway, Swing First Move Variation