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Ceroc & Modern Jive Adelaide

Hello from our team:

Michael Siegele became the director of Ceroc & Modern Jive Adelaide in 2014. Michael has been dancing for more than 15 years and has a passion for teaching people to develop an awareness of their own body so they can explore and understand movement and dancing more. His many years of experience as a dancer and martial artist have brought him a lot of knowledge that he loves to share. 

Lea Gambonnet has been teaching and managing Ceroc alongside her husband Michael since 2016. She discovered Ceroc in 2013 and has never stopped dancing. She has a real passion for teaching and performing. Her goal is to make people feel confident in their dancing ability and to support them in their dancing journey in a positive and encouraging way. Lea loves to organise Ceroc events and always tries to find new venues and interesting themes to bring our community of dancers together to have fun on the dance floor and get to know each other better. 

Adam Ingerman has been dancing Ceroc since 2010 and teaching since 2015. 
He has learnt over a dozen dance styles - or, depending on how you count, many more - but enjoys the freedom, creativity, variety (in the dance and the music), and collaboration in Ceroc the most. 
When not dancing, Adam works as a programmer and then runs away with the circus - training in partner acrobatics (and occasionally a few other skills).

Chelsea Sawley moved to Adelaide in 2006 and, with two left feet, was invited to a dance class. Having met very few people, she found this was a great community that she could connect with on a social level. For many years, dancing was simply fun, fitness, and friends! Chelsea started dancing (and competing) with Nathan in 2017 and caught "the bug". This is when she really developed a passion for dancing, improving herself as a dancer, and helping others to do the same.

Nathan started dancing in 2010 after being coerced into a dance class that he had no interest in attending! He was immediately hooked and became a regular at classes. It didn't take long for him to find his passion for competing and pushing himself to be the best dancer he could be. After becoming a teacher and seeing that same passion in his students, Nathan found the desire to help them become the best dancers they could be too. ​Nathan loves modern jive for the freedom it allows him to have in his dance and for the many friends that he has found through the modern jive community.

David Ruwoldt started dancing in 2008 and remembers feeling out of his depth and being scared of doing something wrong. It took 2 months or around 10 classes before he started to feel like things were working. From there, there was no looking back. Over time he found a great love of dancing “When the music is going, and I am moving around the floor with my partner, it is like I can fly”. He has learnt and performed in dance routines, travelled interstate to compete in national competitions, and made many friends around Australia through the greater Ceroc community. Any time he is interstate he loves to join a local class. He loves teaching and demoing. Seeing other people’s growth through their own dance journey gives him great joy. He is an avid Sci-Fi and Fantasy book reader, loves movies, photography, costuming and all things dancing. Grab him for a dance and a chat.

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